Broken Tree: Wednesday of Few Words

It’s amazingly difficult to get permission to cut down a tree on your own property in the city where I live. For us to receive a permit to cut down the tree that stood about 1.5m (4.5 feet) from our cottage out back, it took my husband four months of wrangling with the city. We were told by the city that we were unlikely to receive permission to cut it down, but in the end we were presented with the golden ticket.


I admit to feeling a huge weight of guilt when the truck pulled up and started mulching our tree. I don’t like being the harbinger of death, and this tree had just been hanging around, doing his thing, until I came along and pulled the trigger.


In the end, it was my fear of the huge branches that fall with every winter storm, combined with my hatred of the never-ending trails of spruce needles tracked into the house that made me overcome my love of the tree.


Our tree was so large that it took a crew of two men two entire days to cut it down. The tree chunks that they left behind are so big, that we have had trouble finding someone who wants to take it away for free firewood. (Want some firewood? Give me a call!)


The kids thought the whole process was infinitely fascinating. My son spent his time running from one window to the other just so he could be sure to take in all the action, and kept telling me the process was “So cool!”. My daughter, on the other hand is a kinder soul, and kept telling me “Tree! Broken.”.

Our broken tree.

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  1. Run DMT says

    It would have broken my heart as well, but I would have removed it too. You couldn’t risk it falling on your house. And I love what your little one said. Too precious!
    Run DMT´s last blog post ..Self-Portrait

  2. Kim says

    I find it hard to cut down trees but sometimes, you just have to. And yeah, it gets mucho expensive to have that done. Too bad nature couldn’t have done it for you. Oh, I passed along a blog award to you (you might already have it) but if you’d like to participate, feel free to pop on by and check it out. Have a great day!

  3. Carrie says

    We removed a lot of trees from our back yard when we moved in. Actually it was more like a vicious haircut :) Most of them were so overgrown they blocked out all the light. I know Mike enjoyed taking them out, he seems to thrive on dismantleing things.

    Luckily none of them were big enough in circumfrence to need a permit. Our city is just as tight with giving out tree permits as yours…which is ironic since Council approved the removal of about 20,000 trees on Burke Mountain for a residential development :p
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  4. Mrs.Mayhem says

    Your daughter is just so adorable. I especially like the last photo of her. What a cutie!

    It’s a shame that the tree had to go, but I can see why you would be worried during storms.
    Mrs.Mayhem´s last blog post ..Finding A Middle Ground

  5. allison says

    There was just a piece on CBC about why people get so emotional when large neighbourhood trees have to be cut down. It is sad, but it would be sadder if it fell on your house or a kid. Your little girl is SO SQUISHABLE.
    allison´s last blog post ..Spoem

  6. Michelle says

    I know exactly what you are dealing with! We have a tree out front that apparently belongs to our city. We are not allowed to cut it down, but they never trim it or deal with the mess when the roots get into our plumbing and back up our sewage!
    Michelle´s last blog post ..A Few Awards and A Tag

  7. Faythe says

    city trees are different. we have lots of trees, and have had them cut down & taken down by storms… either way it makes a mess & it is a lot of hard work & clean up. storms can cause more damage, can send the tree or branches through the roof or garage… pine does not make a good indoor firewood, it gums up the flue. to bad you couldn’t of had some slices cut and use them for outdoor decore! Like a table. I used some of the empty-middle tree chunks as landscape timbers, until just this year they rotted. added to my rusted wild charm ;)
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