Birthday Pneumonia

It’s my birthday!

I’m 37!

I have a lung infection!

Remember when I said we should just all assume that I’d be sick all winter? Well it’s true and I have nothing good to say about it. I would LOVE it if you have tips on how to stay healthy though. Seriously. I need the help.

I spent some time trying to write a funny little Happy Birthday ditty for this post, but it turns out that 37 doesn’t rhyme with much. Actually, neither does pneumonia, which is what I have…probably.

When I walked into the doctor’s office this weekend he took a look at me and said “You look pretty beat up.”, and then I was told, “You have a pretty bad lung infection.”. I was so thrilled that someone was actually going to help me not die (for I did consider that might happen), that I clutched my three prescriptions and shuffled out the door. It wasn’t until I was puffing for breath outside in my car that I realized that I forgot to ask him to specify the exact name for my particular lung infection. Careful analysis of Google makes me think it’s pneumonia, my symptoms match 100%.

Anyway, so when I tried to toss off a little poem, I couldn’t find anything to rhyme with 37, and I could only think of begonia for pneumonia. This may be because I’m dealing with a lack of oxygen at the moment. Turns out that oxygen. is. awesome. I think we should all plant a tree to increase the amount of oxygen out there.

Side note: If you want to find out how your spouse stacks up, I suggest getting really, really sick. My husband and I tend to split our duties the 1950s-way. He builds and fixes things and takes care of the cars. I do all of the cooking and shopping and indoor cleaning. These past few days he really stepped up to the plate though, and took care of everything in the house while I shivered, and sweat, and coughed my lungs out. He even made me cake. Aw. What a guy.

birthday cake




  1. Kim says

    Happy Birthday, Marilyn!! I’m so sorry you’re sick! Hubs did a great job with the cake! As for tips, I’d say increase Vitamin D as a supplement if you can–and maybe add fish oil pills if you’re not currently taking them. I have been taking both pretty regularly and have noticed I am a bit healthier (colds and illness wise) than I have been in past years. Add green tea if you can. Plenty of oranges or juice too. Feel better soon. There’s always planning for a big 40th!
    Kim´s last blog post ..Not Motivated….

  2. C @ Kid Things says

    Heaven rhymes with 37. But yeah, that probably doesn’t help much.

    My mom went to the dr. today for about the same reason and when I called to ask how it went, her response was an excited, “Well, he didn’t admit me to the hospital!”. Ah, being sick is fun.
    C @ Kid Things´s last blog post ..In a Rush to Wait

  3. Kimberly says

    oh pneumonia, oh pneumonia
    you suck on birthdays
    she’s turning 37
    so would you please go away.

    You’re right…there’s no making that sound like a cool diddy.
    Hoping that you feel better soon and HAPPY BIRTHDAY..cough…hack…snort
    Kimberly´s last blog post ..Our Words Do Make A Difference

  4. clara says

    Dammit I missed your birthday! What was I doing?

    That cake looks delicious. Good job husband.

    Oh Marilyn. Immunity is such a bitch. I hope you had a splendid-enough birthday and hey, 37 is super young and you will kick this BS to the curb in NO TIME and then you will be super-strength-fortified to get through the rest of the winter. Comic book style. POW.

    Also you can get a pneumonia vaccine — not sure if you can if you’re as young as you, but after my mom got it two years ago (almost to the day) she gets a shot every Fall.
    clara´s last blog post ..The Best Stuff

  5. Mary Lynn says

    Oh no! So sorry you’re not feeling well. Last year I was sick for most of January, along with the rest of the family. This year DH has been sick since New Years, but so far no one else in the house has gotten sick. I have no idea why everyone else has remained healthy. It makes no sense to me, though I’m happy at least that we’re not all hacking and coughing.

    Hope your doctor is able to help you get healthy again.
    Mary Lynn´s last blog post ..We have taught her well

  6. Nicole says

    Happy birthday! I’m so sorry you got pneumonia for your birthday. That is just the gift that keeps on giving, but not at all in a nice way. In solidarity with you I currently have a sinus infection. Turns out if you cry while you have a sinus infection, it DOES NOT help at all. Turns out crying makes things much worse. But I’m glad you’re on the meds and glad you’re going to be well soon. Also glad your husband’s been stepping up!
    Nicole´s last blog post ..A Fabulous New Weight Loss Plan!

  7. Kasia Rachfall says

    Happy Birthday! And I’m sorry to hear you say that you’re sick. I’m just going to turn Science Geek for a bit here since you asked for help. And if this doesn’t resonate with you – no worries. I’m going to put it out there anyway. It’s based in the latest brain science and energy medicine works and even some cognitive psychology thrown in :) You stated in your post – and past post – that you would assume you would be sick all winter – and you have been. Perhaps you’ve even told others this in conversations and it’s been on your mind a lot as you go about your day. You’re probably not even aware of how often it may cross your mind because we tend to think about 40,000 thoughts in a day. We have a physical body that gets sick sometimes – that’s a part of it for sure. But we also have a subconscious mind that takes things very literally and always gives us what we’re looking for as long as we are fully believe in that desire – even if that desire is not a positive one like getting sick. In other words, the cause of your continued illnesses could be subconscious. If your energetic body is out of alignment – which some muscle testing can show very quickly, this can also be another culprit to you not getting healthy. The way our mind and brain work and process information means that our language doesn’t just describe our reality – it creates it. So if the language you use in your thoughts and your conversations with others is focused on “I’m going to be sick all winter” that has contributed to the situation you now find yourself in with your health. And positive thinking is not the answer – this is not law of attraction babble. It has to be broader than that. Getting your physical body in good health may require more than just treating the symptoms of a lung infection and the other illnesses you’ve had. it may help to become aware of how you’re talking to yourself and thinking about your health, etc. If you get sick a lot then it may be worth examining if there is an unconscious cause or if your energy body is out of alignment. Hope this helps.

  8. Francesca says

    (belated) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARILYN! I wish we lived closer, and I could come by with a linden tree blossom drink, and toast your bday! :)
    Francesca´s last blog post ..quiet