The Good Health Project

I hope this is the last time that I will have to mention The Month of Doom because Lord knows that I am completely over talking about it. Gah!


During the Month of Sitting on This Couch or That and Doing Absolutely Nothing Else, I had a thought. I started to wonder if my run of bad luck on the sickness front could be changed up. Is it possible to change my fate from a sickie to someone with a Super-Powered Defeat All Comers Industrial Strength Immunity?


Looking to get healthy

Honestly, I don’t know. But dammit, I’m going to try because this past month has been…crap. It really has. So, I’ve decided that I’m going to embark on a project. The Good Health Project. I plan on making a small, but hopefully significant change towards good health every week this year until I achieve kick ass immunity (or a book deal…joking…maybe).

I’ll announce what change I’ll be making on the blog just to keep myself in check and to hopefully encourage all of you amazing, intelligent, and healthy people out there to give me tips on what I can do next. This week I’ve decided to start easy because I’m still not well enough to do much.

Increase Water Intake: I always thought that the optimum water intake was 8 8oz glasses a day. According to sources I’ve read, including The Mayo Clinic, that’s not exactly correct. I’ve read recommendations for anywhere between 9 cups to 13 cups of water a day for a woman, so I’ve decided to go with 2 liters of straight water each day as a minimum. I drink a lot of tea each day, so that can help bump up my water intake a little as well.

Hopefully, I will be returned to normal health next week and will be able to get a little more serious about getting healthy.

Do you have a health tip for me? I will be posting new health tips each week and will gladly link back to anyone who provides a tip I use! I’m looking for all round health tips and can be exercise, food, supplement, or mind-body-energy related. I’m open to anything that could help.

Note: I am NOT a health professional, do not take anything I say as medical advice. If you’re looking for medical advice, consult a doctor.


  1. allison says

    Gah. I’ve been wondering if I should try going dairy-free ever since someone mentioned that she did because her kids were diagnosed with sensitivities and now her allergies are practically gone. But I’m going to try drinking more green tea first. Because life without cheese seems so cold and bleak.
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  2. Nadine says

    Water is a great tip!

    My two health recommendations would be to keep a food journal l(my fitness pal is great) and record both what you are eating and how you feel, I discovered an egg sensitivity through food journaling and it’s also the only way I loose weight!
    My second tip is to do something active for an hour a day, walk, bike, yoga, run, play soccer with the kids, anything that gets your heart working hard.
    Nadine´s last blog post ..Week #4 of 2012

  3. harriet says

    I’ve had to take my own health more seriously too. Exercise has never been an issue (I always walk, hike, whatever) but I have found that my core is quite weak so I’m focussing more on real bootcamp type strengthening stuff. OW!

    I try to drink a lot of hot water and I find it really, really helps the sinuses. So I have water on the boil constantly. I have a humidifier in my room as well. I’ve also, sadly, cut down on my wine intake, especially red wine. Other than that, just the obvious: more veg, fruit, whole grains, get lots of sleep, act like an 80-year-old.
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