What I’ve Been Doing Instead of Sleep

The problem with being sick for so long, is that I’ve sunk down into a rather dull state. I do…not much. I have spent the past three weeks in various floppy states slumped onto various sitting implements. Sometimes coughing, sometimes not…most of the times coughing, actually. It’s a grind.

It’s probably my fault for prematurely announcing my impending recovery. I should learn to wait until after the fact before blogging anything of importance. My health took a turn for the worse this past week, to the point that I became concerned that the level of wheeziness coming from my lungs was most certainly not improving. Off to the doctor’s I went, and she sent me off to the hospital for tests. End result is that I’m on more new meds and my mom came back to stay with me this week to help out.

It’s not that all of my time has been thoroughly wasted. I did manage to read a large portion of my To Read pile, as well as finish all 74 of the Degrassi (Junior) High television episodes on Netflix. An important and useful way to spend my time, I assure you.

stephanie-kaye-degrassiDegrassi (Junior) High was as good as I remembered it – even if the first season is 25 years old (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). My only complaint – spoiler alert – is that I did not remember Wheels driving drunk and killing a two-year-old. What!? And Joey asked Caitlin to marry him only to spent the summer bonking Tessa. What!? And Tessa gets pregnant with Joey’s kid only to have an abortion, proving that like Erica and Spike before her, if you live on Degrassi Street and have sex outside of marriage you will get pregnant. Um? I did not remember this ending at all, and it kind of upset me that everything turned out sucky for most of the kids at Degrassi. I must have either missed the last few episodes, or blocked them from memory.

Tonight I’m browsing Netflix for a new television series to tackle when those middle-of-the-night coughs come to get me. I thought I’d re-watch all 100 million episodes of The X Files, but it turns out that sitting in the dark at 4am watching creepy alien abduction stories isn’t as enjoyable as watching Stephanie Kaye sneak into a never-ending series of horrifying tube tops and hot pink spandex pants on Degrassi Junior High. Any ideas which light – great acting not required – series I should start on now? I will pretty much watch whatever you tell me to so fill me in! 



  1. Francesca says

    so sorry! i’m totally out of touch with the movie/tv scene – I spent my jet lagged nights in the US watching (and re-watching) Downton Abbey, which the whole world but me apparently had already watched (and watched again). glad your mom came to the rescue.
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  2. Jonnie (JB) says

    I’m not sure if it’s on Netflix yet but in December when I was sick I got all 5 seasons of Friday Night Lights from the library. It was amazing! I had never watched it before and now I really wish they were still making new episodes.

    My husband and I just started watching King of Queens again. I ordered the entire series (all 9 seasons!) from amazon.ca for $45. We’ve seen them all before but the episodes are really funny and worth re-watching.
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  3. Nicole says

    All on Netflix Canada:

    The IT crowd (mostly available on Netflix except for the last two seasons – and the last season is just one episode)
    Dead Like Me.
    The Borgias (if you like historical stuff and Jeremy Irons)
    Breaking Bad
    Fawlty Towers
    Red Dwarf
    Lie to me

    Also, it seems Degrassi High is on netflix as well :>
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  4. smothermother says

    all seasons of buffy are on netflix!! and madmen. they only have a few episodes of dead like me, which is really too bad. ooh, how about west wing. don’t know if that is on netflix. battlestar gallactica (the new version). again, not on netflix but damn good! hmm, i need to go check out netflix to see what to recommend.

    hope you are finally on the mend!
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  5. allison says

    Luther! Great writing, and Idris Elba! Need I say more?

    I spent much of last winter sunk in the same mire of illness and misery, and I am SO SORRY. Please let me know if you need to whine or vent or if you want me to search out people falling into mall fountains on Youtube to amuse you, because after a couple of months of it I was not in a good way. I hope your mother is helping, nicely. And don’t be afraid to keep agitating for further treatment if this doesn’t work. Damn, I really need a transporter.
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  6. Amanda says

    Well if you’re going with nostalgia, I’d see if they have Who’s the Boss, Family Ties, or Growing Pains. Or maybe Charles in Charge. I don’t remember Degrassi being that depressing, either!
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