Harrison Hot Springs Resort: Where My Son Wants to Live

Just as my family and I had reached the level of Desperate on our scale of How Badly We Needed to Have a Little Get Away, I received a most welcome invitation to take my family for an overnight stay to Harrison Hot Springs Resort located on Harrison Lake in Harrison Hot Springs, BC. Harrison Hot Springs isn’t too far away from where we live near Vancouver, BC, however it had still been years since I had been there, and my kids had never seen it. I’ve been away for too long.

harrison-hot-springs-resortFrom the moment I drove into the valley where Harrison Hot Springs lies, my kids were agog with the mountains and the scenery. Yes, I know my kids are young, but they still know beauty when they see it. My five-year-old son in particular, fell in love with the snow-capped peaks, waterfalls, trails, and the beautiful lake that he went into non-stop chatter mode about how much he wanted to live there.

viewOnce he saw the hotel, his love of the area was complete. He has since decided that we absolutely have to move into the hotel and live there forever and ever.

trailOf course, it helps that Harrison Hot Springs Resort is not only located on a beautiful site, but they also have lots of activities to keep the kids (and adults happy). Most notably, the resort has not one, but five pools filled with naturally occurring mineral hot pools. There are indoor and outdoor pools. Extra hot or nicely warm pools. Family pools or pools for adults only. There are pools for everyone, and they were easily the highlight of our stay.

meHarrison Hot Springs Resort also has several games areas where you can play billiards, air hockey, foosball, basketball, floor hockey, Wii (no surprise that this was a favourite with my kids), and board games. If you’re looking for some relaxation, you might want to check out their onsite spa, or have some family-time with one of the movies that play in the Harrison Theatre located in the Upper Lobby of the hotel.

While we were there, the Harrison Resort very nicely arranged a painting session for our kids with a local shop, Color Me Mine. The kids enjoyed letting their creativity shine, and I’m looking forward to eating cereal out of their their finished glazed ceramic bowls.


The weather was gorgeous for our stay, so we were happy to wander the surrounding trails near the resort and take a look in the forest for the Sasquatch who is said to have originated in the area. We were unable to find any trace of the Sasquatch which made my son sort of happy and sort of not.

harrison-lakeWe combined our hunt for wild man-beasts with a less scary, but more satisfying scavenger hunt of the usual find-a-leaf find-a-rock variety. scavenger-huntThe scavenger hunt made a HUGE impression on the kids. The moment we arrived home my son taped all of his findings to a piece of paper and had his dad write out a note so he would “never forget it”, which, I think, kind of says it all.

Disclosure: My family and I were fortunate enough to receive a night’s stay at the lovely Harrison Hot Springs Resort. The opinions in this post are my own…with the exception of the sentiments expressed by my son which came straight from his five-year-old heart.


  1. Carrie says

    Ahh, Harrison. I have good memories of that place. The husband proposed to me there… perhaps in your wanderings you passed by THAT very bench ;)

    I think we’ll need to take a trip up there again soon. Perhaps with the kids in tow…or maybe just an overnight get-away for us
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  2. clara says

    Sounds like a blast. Harrison was my family’s go-to weekend beach destination as a kid..loved swimming in the warm lake in the summer.