My Camera Reveals the Truth

My plans for a lovely two-week long reconnect over March Break has hit some loud snot-filled bumps filled with tears and screaming. Those bumps have been loud and long enough that I started to think the whole Great Reconnect idea was a big fat failure. But then my camera proved me wrong.

This is why I take so many photos. It helps to prove that my memory is flawed. It helps me to remember the things I would never normally remember.

decoratingTo remember a brief moment of Spring Decorating where the kids got along and loved each other and helped each other stick up gel decorations.

decoratingOf course, my camera helps me to remember the bigger small moments as well.

bike rideSuch as the moment my daughter overcame her fear of her bike and embraced it instead. The moment I said “let’s bike to the school” and she said “okay!”.

bike rideThe moment where she was SO PROUD that she managed to ride SO FAR (actually about five minutes, but don’t burst her bubble), and was (in her mind) officially a Big Kid Now.

bike rideThese are the moments I want to remember, and so I’m going to keep on snapping.


  1. Michelle says

    Our spring break has not gone as planned either. There has been lots of sickness, and tiredness. I too have been feeling frustrated. I think I should check my camera! Good post!

  2. Harriet says

    Wow, she’s riding a bike already! That’s great! We had a pretty boring break but managed to get exciting household chores done one day including a new kitchen sink faucet that actually works! Wahoo! And a bunch of framed photos! Wahoo again! Oh and I got Theo’s immunization records. Wahoo!
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