Babies!! at the Vancouver Aquarium

There’s nothing better than a baby. They’re so cute and little and fresh and new. When I heard that the Vancouver Aquarium‘s latest exhibit is all about babies, I knew we just had to go.

The Vancouver Aquarium is always a hit with my kids (and everyone else I know as well). This visit, however, was possibly the best visit I’ve ever had there. Everything was up and about and moving and, of course, there were babies!

My son was thrilled to find that the large boa constrictor was actually moving around his cage. At one point, the snake brought his head right up to the glass and appeared to be looking directly at him. It was a very Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone movie moment. My son even turned to me to assure me that he wasn’t magic so the glass couldn’t disappear like it does in the film.

After we made a bee-line to the shark-turtle-eel tank, we were treated to the interesting spectacle of the sea turtle having a tiff with the moray eel. The turtle kept nipping at the eel’s head. Lucky for the eel, the turtle always missed.


A tense moment in the tank

My daughter, on the other hand, was overjoyed to see that the octopus was out from his usual hiding place under a rock and fully displaying his gloriously sticky suckers for her to peer at.

The sloth was actually moving which was astounding to see. In all of the years that I’ve been to Aquarium, he is usually living up to his name in the Amazon exhibit, however this time, he (she?) actually scaled the entire length of the roof line.

I do believe that the sloth sloooowly shaking his tail feather would have been the most exciting moment of our visit for me if it hadn’t been for the tiny day-old baby marmoset. Oh! The cuteness. Marmosets are very small monkeys to begin with (about 20 cm long) so you can imagine how small a day-old one is. Just a wee bit of black fluff on his mama’s neck. Adorable. Unfortunately, he was so small that my pictures didn’t look like much, but there’s been quite a number of people posting superior pictures of the baby on Vancouver Aquarium’s Facebook page. It’s not cool to steal so I won’t post them here, but be sure to click over and take a look at the baby’s sweet face.

baby clown fish

A tank full of baby Nemos

But, of course, there were so many more babies than the marmoset. Baby Nemos were popular with my kids (officially Nemos are known as clown anemone fish but there’s no convincing my kids of that). I triple-heart the wee little seahorses, and I was fascinated to see tiny wolf eels (and watch the accompanying video showing their birth). There are also baby jellyfish and poison frogs as well.

The Vancouver Aquarium is always a great place to visit, but make sure to catch the Babies exhibit if you can. The Babies Exhibit is on now until May 9. For more details on times and prices, check out the Vancouver Aquarium’s site.


Disclosure: My family received passes for the Vancouver Aquarium. We love the Aquarium and the opinions in this post are all ours.