Where I’ve Been Hiding: Motherhood Cafe Unveiled

I’ve had a couple of people point out that I’ve disappeared a little from this blog and Twitter lately. And it’s true. I haven’t been here, but I have been around, moving around in the shadows quietly and silently like the ninja that I am.

Actually, much of my time has been spent on a few different projects for my company, Cursive Web. It’s been amazing to finally get some traction for the work that really has my heart. I’ve been blogging for other people’s company sites, designing and developing bits and bobs around the net for various sites, AND my big project has been on the complete move and site redesign for Stephanie Knaak’s site, Motherhood Cafe.

Motherhood Cafe Screenshot

This was an enormous project that has consumed most of my time for the past six weeks or so. Stephanie’s original site was locked into an archaic platform called Site Build It! (or SBI!) which I’m not going to link to because no one should ever use this platform. Avoid it at all costs. I’m serious.

Sadly (for me) there was no way to automate the move of her site, and so it was all done by hand, piece-by-piece, link-by-link, image-by-image. The site is now sitting on its new home on WordPress, and it’s just waiting for a few final tweaks from me.

If you take a peek, I also did the header design, as well as the background move. For the header design, I tried to create a graphic that is nicely symbolic of Stephanie’s content which covers everything from pregnancy to new motherhood to beyond.

Although, there’s a little more editing that I have to do, and possibly some colour changes, I thought I’d give it a little soft opening unveil and let you all know why it’s been so quiet over here lately.


    • Marilyn says

      Really? I’m actually honoured that I rate high enough for you to check that. Aw. I feel the love! Right back at you!