Playground Philosophy

Life has really been stepping up a lot lately. Play-dates, gymnastics, dancing, work, work and work have combined into a huge Swirling Force that has swooped down and is pushing us along.


Surprisingly, I’m feeling pretty calm within the Storm of Life. Happy even.


I think, it may be that I truly realize that this moment in time is so short. We are running through life more than walking.

hanging on

Sometimes, it’s all we can do to just hold on.

sliding down

And go along for the ride.

topBut if we’re lucky, patient and cool, when we reach the top, we will be rewarded with blue skies and a great view.


  1. allison says

    Ugh. I mean, yeah! I mean, I’m glad you’re happy and working. I wish I was working. Thanks for reminding me to sign up for my new course, though. I wish I was happy. Or even just not so terribly sad. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be allowed to C.W.D. (comment while depressed). You have a Good Attitude. I’m proud of you.