The Problem with Boys


I bought a bunny today. A fuzzy pink bunny holding a giant Easter egg that my three-year-old thinks is a rocket. She doesn’t understand why her bunny is holding a rocket, but apparently that rocket gives her bunny superpowers against the opposite sex. The Easter Egg Rocket will not only repel any boy older than […]

Pop Quiz, Hotshot


Pop quiz, hotshot. A child crawls into bed with you and wants to cuddle. Two seconds into the cuddle, she sits up and vomits all over you. What do you do? What do you do?* If you’re me, twenty minutes after the event, you tweet the following: Having a child crawl into bed with you […]

What I’ve Been Doing Instead of Sleep


The problem with being sick for so long, is that I’ve sunk down into a rather dull state. I do…not much. I have spent the past three weeks in various floppy states slumped onto various sitting implements. Sometimes coughing, sometimes not…most of the times coughing, actually. It’s a grind. It’s probably my fault for prematurely […]

TV Ate My Brain


Back in the old days, when I worked at a job that people understood was work (instead of being the mom-blogger-editor-designer-jane-of-all-trades that I am now), I used to take regular vacations and it always took me a couple of days to switch from being Relaxed Me to Work Me. I guess my body is loathe […]

Confession: I Saw Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 & Now I’m Obsessed About Kristen Stewart’s Teeth


Last night I finally saw The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. Besides having a ridiculously long title, the movie both satisfied and irritated me. Mostly irritated if I’m being brutally honest, but then the entire series irritates me and yet I watch it. A lot. I have lost count the number of times that […]