Vacation Ahoy! Destination Seattle with a Little Taste of Disney


I’m back! I actually returned home from our annual family vacation last Monday, but it’s taken me a week to get myself sorted out what with back-to-school, the start of swimming, the start of soccer, a surprise flying visit from one sister to spend a day, catching up with my Editor-in-Chief duties, other contract work, […]

Bear-y Fun at Build-A-Bear Workshop


This week, my daughter and I fell in love with a stuffed bear. Actually, my daughter fell in love with the bear; I fell in love with her excitement over bringing the bear to “life”. Build-a-Bear Workshop Considering that my daughter absolutely adores stuffed animals, it may seem strange that I’ve never taken her to […]

Don’t Blink


I turned around for five minutes the other day, and when I looked back, my baby was gone. In her place was a beautiful girl who looks like she’ll be ready to move out of the house next week. I’m refusing to blink for the rest of the summer.

Beach Day


On Wednesday, the most feared field trip of the entire year happened – Beach Day. I can’t tell you how I fretted about the thought of taking the kids to the beach with the entire school all smooshed into one small area of the beach. It turns out that I fretted over nothing. My son’s […]

What My Answer Should Have Been


Last weekend, I spoke on a panel at a conference about my concern for teaching my daughter the importance of not just believing, but knowing that she is beautiful regardless of what society may think of her. Now, of course, I happen to know that my daughter is truly lovely – both inside and out […]

The Faces


I take out my camera and the crazy faces begin. It was only a little while ago, that my camera was filled with the silly faces of her big brother. But now that he is fast approaching the rather grown-up age of six, my son is a little more serious in photos instead of wild […]

A Man with a Mission

k eating apple

I am so used to my five-year-old son doing his best to be The Wildest and Craziest Guy Ever, that I am sometimes shocked that he has a thoughtful and inquisitive side as well. Recently, I found myself in the unhappy position of having to take both children into the grocery store with me. Normally, […]