A Fresh Look at Pubilicly Funded #IVF4BC #BCPoli


Tomorrow is Labour Day here in Canada, and while the term ‘labour’ refers to ‘work’, I’m sure it also brings to mind the labour involved in childbirth to someone who is suffering from infertility. I know when I was I was in the midst of my own struggle with infertility, everything baby or family related […]

The Healthy Shopper: Top Picks


A few months ago, I was introduced to The Healthy Shopper, which is a great source highlighting natural and organic products available in Canada. Each Spring and Fall, The Healthy Shopper announces their top product picks for the season (and I highlight some of my faves below). The Healthy Shopper also publishes The Healthy Shopper […]

Fertility Facts: The Man’s Side of the Story


It’s Father’s Day this Sunday. This, is a fact that I couldn’t miss, because my daughter has been excitedly discussing Father’s Day all week. This afternoon, she proudly presented her school-made picture and frame to my husband the moment that he walked through the door. Actually, she actually made him wait while SHE unwrapped her […]

Vote Yes to IVF


As I sit down to write this, the clock is ticking ever closer to Mother’s Day and while I gave upon the hand-painted pot that my daughter gave me and the clay flowers my son made, I am also thinking about the women (and men) out there who wish they could have a child of […]

Are There Gaps in Your Fertility Knowledge?


Although spring is traditionally the time for new life, people can suffer from infertility woes any time of the year. Recently a study was released from UBC saying that most people “have a¬†startling lack of knowledge about their own fertility” and this is likely to get worse as the population on the whole waits longer […]

Healthy Families BC: Online Shopping Sense Tool {Giveaway}


This year is all about health for me. In fact, ‘health’ is my word of the year which means that my focus is on¬†eating better, exercising more, and eliminating chemicals and processed food from our diet. Even if it’s not your main focus, living a healthy life is always a worthwhile goal and Healthy Families […]

IVF in BC: Single-Embryo Transfer Would Save Millions


As British Columbia’s very first Family Day approaches, I have been asked by a number of people what I will be doing to celebrate my own family. In my case, I will be laughing it up with my kids in Disneyland, and hopefully getting the most out of family time at the Happiest Place on […]