OxiClean MaxForce {Giveaway}

OxiClean Giveaway LQ

It seems that from the moment you have children, the amount of stains you have to treat on your clothes (and your kids clothes of course) multiplies exponentially. OxiClean is Canada’s number one stain fighting brand for good reason – it works. OxiClean recently launched two new products: OxiClean MaxForce Spray and OxiClean MaxForce Pure […]

Affresh Cleaners {Giveaway}


I’ve written about Affresh before. In the months since I first wrote about Affresh, I’ve been using it around the house, and I can say that all of the Affresh Cleaners work well, though they do tend to leave a rather chemically-clean scent. Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner is the first Affresh cleaner that I heard of […]

Green Works Green Homes Challenge {Giveaway}


I’ve reviewed Green Works a number of times on A Lot of Loves. You all know how much I like working with Green Works. I appreciate that all of the products that I’ve tried (pretty much all of their line-up) work so well, while containing ingredients that are naturally-derived and biodegradable. I’m very interested in […]

Affresh Cleaners {Giveaway}

Affresh Stainless Steel Wipes

This may sound crazy, but when Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner was first released to the Canadian market 18 months or so ago (I’m estimating), I knew I had to try it. I was so desperate to rid my over-priced dishwasher of its rather unpleasant old food residue odour, that¬† the day after I read a positive […]

Seventh Generation: Join the 7th Gen Nation & Save {Giveaway}


Well before my children were born, I was interested in purchasing products that were kind to the environment. However, most of my concern had to do with cleaning products and soap. I didn’t spend a lot of time considering what kind of chemicals went into the manufacture of personal care items, and what kind of […]