Three Teeth Down


Today is the start of Year Six for my son. Joy abounds. This is a birthday that he greets with three gaping holes in his mouth, having lost his two front teeth months ago in separate incidents involving his mouth colliding with an immovable object. However, the newest gap was his first experience losing a […]

The Trouble with Dinner


I was discussing the issue of Christmas dinner with my sister the other day. This year we will neither be going to someone’s house for dinner, neither will we be having any guests over here for dinner. There will only be us at the dinner table. The four Belsham’s. The same four souls that sit […]



This child turned four not so very long ago, but the moment the birthday crumbs were swept away, she grabbed a hold of Four and made it her own. She is fully into The Moods, and The ‘Tude, and The Style. She knows what she wants and dammit she’s going to get it. All while […]

First Comes Love…


My son has picked out his wife. And, according to him, she’s agreed to the marriage. This would be wonderful news in 20 years or so but since the betrothed are still in grade one, I have some time before I need to worry about planning the Engagement Party. Although, the happy couple is barely […]

Playing Favorites


I’ve been thinking a lot about playing favorites – picking one child over the other to lavish with love and praise and red cowboy boots. Consciously, I don’t think I have a favorite child, but with one very spirited child who tends to prefer being on his own, and one very empathetic child who is […]

Beach Day


On Wednesday, the most feared field trip of the entire year happened – Beach Day. I can’t tell you how I fretted about the thought of taking the kids to the beach with the entire school all smooshed into one small area of the beach. It turns out that I fretted over nothing. My son’s […]

What My Answer Should Have Been


Last weekend, I spoke on a panel at a conference about my concern for teaching my daughter the importance of not just believing, but knowing that she is beautiful regardless of what society may think of her. Now, of course, I happen to know that my daughter is truly lovely – both inside and out […]

Start With Me (and You Start with You)

em and me

A couple of days ago, I was standing with a group of moms that I know watching a newly minted six-year-old girl open a stack of birthday gifts. As the girl held up the latest unveiled treasure for all to see, we beheld a sailor-themed navy and white polka-dot bikini. Almost at once, the moms […]

A Man with a Mission

k eating apple

I am so used to my five-year-old son doing his best to be The Wildest and Craziest Guy Ever, that I am sometimes shocked that he has a thoughtful and inquisitive side as well. Recently, I found myself in the unhappy position of having to take both children into the grocery store with me. Normally, […]