Lab Rat Children

I tend to think of parenting as a never-ending science experiment. Dangle a reward over here, provide some food over there, add stimuli, remove stimuli, introduce unfamiliar companions and see if they become friend or foe. Most of the time, I feel like the assistant to the assistant, rather than the professor conducting the entire […]

Battle of the Toy Stroller

Battle of the Toy Stroller

This past Christmas, Em received a pink toy stroller for her dolls. The stroller was popular for about 5 minutes and then was quickly cast aside, once it was discovered that the other toys Santa brought had flashing lights and made noise.   Taking the stroller for a Christmas Day spin   The stroller sat, […]

The B Family Smackdown

As I write this two-year-old K is sitting in time-out. Again. He’s in there a lot. A lot. Sooooo much. I’m not sure what to do to improve this. Right now he’s in there because he pushed Em over by using his foot and her face. He likes to change it up though – sometimes […]